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Yelp offers C-Section Rates For California Babies

An expecting mother's glee. Source: Howcast/Youtube
An expecting mother's glee.

Yelp is famous for its crowd-sourced reviews about businesses and services. Recently, the social networking site rolled out a new feature that expecting mothers will love.

The maternity rate care is the new feature on the site. It makes the process of searching for a reputable baby delivery hospital easier for mothers.

Baby delivery is an important event. Having the right medical information is important. Recent reports show that state websites do not provide the necessary data that mothers need about maternity care.

Even in the age of Google and information super highway, getting information about maternity care proves tedious for expecting women. Many websites provide information; most of them fall short. In some cases, web-based information can be very informative. The challenge is to sort out which one is credible.


The maternity rate care feature works by using Yelp. The interface is pretty user-friendly.

The first step is to search for one of the hospitals in the state that includes maternity care. Once that particular hospital comes up, the Maternity Care Data section will show up. It is on the right-hand side, next to user comments.

From here, members will see the hospital information. It should show whether it is well-above, above, below, well-below or average rate of care.

The data includes C-sections performed and vaginal births after C-sections (VBACs). It shows if VBACs are available at that particular hospital. The data shows breastfeeding success rates and episiotomies.

Yelp worked with state and non-profit organizations California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) and Cal Hospital Compare to get the date. These groups provided reports on hospital statistics.

Studies indicate expecting mothers judge the trustworthiness of web-based information. This is through consistency of information and the presence of references and review. By providing this information, Yelp aims to expedite the search process.


Yelp continues to be a reliable source of information. It proves to be a credible maternity care information for expecting mothers.

This aligns with the consumer protection initiative between Yelp and ProPublica. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the public interest. The rollout aims to provide a better and more comprehensive medical information to the site.

Yelp’s features focus on enhancing consumer’s ability to make smart transactional decisions in choosing the right service. With the recent rollout, expecting mothers have an easier and fast access to the accurate medical information they need.

In the past few years, the Internet has become a prevalent source of health information for expecting mothers. As of now, this feature is available in California.

The new feature is accessible in 150 California hospitals which are the number of hospitals in the state that offer maternity care. Apparently, Yelp will roll out across the states as it continues to work with governments and non-profit organization to provide information.

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