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Ruby Chocolate: Would You Eat One?

Swiss Company Unveils A Ruby Chocolate
Swiss Company Unveils A Ruby Chocolate | GeoBeats News at Youtube

You are used to seeing and eating chocolate in either brown or white. But, what about pink? Surely, you didn’t anticipate that there would be another natural color, right?

When the pink chocolate becomes available as early as six months, a lot would surely flock to it. The new chocolate is just very appealing and very Instagrammable. It will be the ultimate indulgence for food photographers.

Ruby Chocolate: Would You Eat One?
Ruby chocolate exhibition
| GeoBeats News at Youtube

Discovery of Ruby Chocolate

The last time that there was an addition to chocolate variety was about 80 years ago. White chocolate joined dark chocolate and milk chocolate in pleasuring our taste buds. Fast forward to 2017, and finally, the researching for a new variety has finished. The development took about 13 years before its final version.

A Switzerland-based chocolate company, Barry Callebaut announced a naturally-pink chocolate called Ruby chocolate. This choco doesn’t have any food dye or berries. In fact, the Ruby chocolates mainly come from Ruby cocoa beans. Ruby cocoa beans are naturally found and grown in Ecuador, Brazil, Ivory Coast, etc.

There’s a unique process that the company didn’t dare specify that “unlocks the flavor and color tone naturally present in the Ruby bean.”

Flavor and Tasting

We already knew the tastes of dark, milk, and white chocolates from countless times of eating. But, what about pink chocolate? Would it taste sweeter or fruitier?

According to the R&D department of Barry Callebaut, the ruby chocolate “offers an entirely new taste experience.” It is neither sweet nor bitter, or even milky like milk chocolate. Ruby chocolate has the blend of berry-fruitiness and sweet smoothness instead.

Would You Eat One?

Is the appearance enough to make you taste a ruby chocolate? Anyhow, will this new variety become a hit among the chocolate enthusiasts like us? We’ll surely know the answers when it hits stores in the following six to eighteen months. In relation, a market feasibility study was done recently, and it showed China to be one of the countries expressing high interest. China citizens aren’t big chocolate eaters, so this coming ruby chocolate has high expectations to fulfill.


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