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One Step Closer to HIV Cure: Scientists Found Injection To Possibly End the Disease

Scientists may be one step closer to developing an HIV cure. Source; Seeker/Youtube
Scientists may be one step closer to developing an HIV cure.

One of the deadliest diseases in the world now is HIV. Not only does it affect a lot of people in the world, but it also does not have any cure.

According to studies, there is a dramatic decrease of people with HIV, particularly for people of the LGBTQ group. Based on the data presented by the Public Health England, the cases of HIV among people of the third gender have fallen for the first time in 30 years.

After several attempts and testing, there is now a development with the deadly disease. Scientists are now one step closer to developing a cure for HIV.


There is an injection that may be available soon. This injection will prevent the virus from spreading. According to studies, it will also help get rid of the infection from the carriers.

According to Daily Mail UK, the researchers were able to find the cure using cows. Based on studies, the researchers injected the cows with HIV.

These cows developed an immune response within the 35 days when they were injected. When the immune cells of these cows infected with HIV were analyzed, there was one which was found to bind a key site on HIV.

This was an immune cell that virus uses to spread the HIV infection. The researchers also believe that these immune cells could be incorporated into an injection.


The injection will help in neutralizing HIV in humans affected. Since there is currently no cure for HIV, this is a leading edge in the medical world.

Currently, there is no known cure for HIV. Patients infected would need to take lifelong medications. These medication cause diarrhea, nausea, and even insomnia.


Researchings hailing from different institutions such as Texas A&M University injected the side of four calves with HIV. Although cows are not at risk when it comes to HIV, these researchers believe that an animal’s immune system has specific features.

This specific feature allows the animals to produce antibodies whenever they are exposed to a different virus. Which, after the study and testing, was proven true.

The lead author from the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, Devin Sok, stated that HIV is a human virus. However, researchers are certain that they can learn from the immune responses of animals.

Results from the study revealed that all the cows developed immune cells. Also known as the antibodies to HIV, these immune cells were developed 35 to 50 days after they received the two injections.

These antibodies were incorporated into a vaccine to neutralize HIV in humans. Since one of the tested cows showed an antibody that can possibly cure HIV.


Currently, the antibody is still being tested further. Although it is now speculated that it can be the key to HIV, it is still unclear whether the vaccine could be available and tested to those infected.

Hopefully, this will mark as the cure for the growing number of people infected with HIV.

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