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New App Developed to Reduce the Travel Insurance Complaints


Insurance, particularly for travel, remains the biggest classification of complaints examined by Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL), a non-profit external dispute resolution team for financial services companies and their customers.


Incorporated in 2009, FCSL has executive and Wellington barrister Kenneth Barry Johnston QC as its shareholder. The Minister for Consumer Affairs under the Financial Service Provider endorses this plan. Also known as the Registration and Dispute Resolution, Act 2008 and its services are free to use for consumers, as indicated by its site. It charges merchants and consultants yearly fees to partake in its plan.

It’s known as the Registration and Dispute Resolution Act 2008. Its services remain free to use for consumers, as indicated by its site. It charges merchants and consultants yearly fees to partake in its plan.

According to New Zealand Herald, FSCL rates insurances, particularly travel insurances as the largest category of the complaints the group is receiving. Consumer credit ranks the second to insurances.

CEO Susan Taylor says the expansion was no matter how you look at it. However, a typical subject fundamental to the complaints FSCL explored was the correspondence breakdown.

The group receives a lot of complaints. These complaints include policy holder. These policy holders complain about information. Customers complain that information was not relayed properly.

Debate resolutions conspire in the financial services industry. The Banking Ombudsman works for this information. This is together with the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman as well as the Financial Dispute Resolution.

The Fairway Resolution Limited works for this plan. The company introduces itself as New Zealand’s biggest expert peace making organization and takes care of almost 12,000 disputes in a year.


Health insurance company, Apollo Munich on Tuesday propelled India’s very first travel protection chatbot. Based on the report made by Times of India, the Travel Ninja aims to empower clients. Clients get information about travels in a simpler and quicker way.

According to the CEO of Apollo Munich Health Insurance, Antony Jacob, their journey to uncomplicate the health insurance for their company, the company is focused on providing easy but at the same time, exceptional products and services that their customers will like. Travel Ninja boosts the quality of customer service by offering accuracy and speed at the same time.

Through this new technology, customers will realize the importance of having travel insurance while they are waiting for their flight. Because of the speed, customers will not hesitate to buy a plan.

Travel Ninja is accessible 24 by seven on Apollo Munich’s site. Clients use the option of Facebook Messengers too.

Travel Ninja guarantees the right travel protection plan and prices for customers. It also makes an arrangement proposal for customers and gives them the exact payment link. During the said procedure, Travel Ninja also offers clients the choice to see the details of the plan as well as the advantages of every single plan.

The chatbot has had near 1,500 interactions in a little more than a month after its release.


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