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Google’s AI Will Help in Cleaning Up The Play Store

Users are complaining about crashing apps. Source: Techno Mohit/Youtube
Users are complaining about crashing apps.

During the recent years, Android developed a reputation of having infected, janky, buggy, and malicious apps available in the Google Play Store. Fans cannot stop their continuous debate of which is better, iOS or Android when it comes to the quality of apps. Google has recently announced further plans on how they can fix the issue.

iOS Versus Android

Publishing the apps via the Google Play Store is fast and easy. Unlike Apple, Google Play is also free of charge. This kind of service helped Google especially in the number of their app counts. However, the limited quality control that Google has is affecting the best quality of service they can offer.

Meanwhile, Apple charges a yearly fee from the developers. It is a nominal fee, but it is an assurance that developing an app for iOS is a great decision for developers. Apple also has a tighter restriction, a tighter quality control, and they also curate the app itself to make it available in the App Store.

Because of this security, Apple’s earning from the App Store is considered bigger than Google’s Play Store. Due to the difference that they have, Android is devising different ways to reach Apple.

Artificial Intelligence

To enable app discovery on Play Store, Google curated an app list that will show on their home page. There is also an “AI” created to spot the malicious and buggy apps.

Google also created an app which can rank algorithms. This can examine the quality of the apps. The algorithm can also prioritize apps which are stable, has better user engagement and has better user ratings.

The algorithm will help in ranking the apps and will create quality signals that will affect the search results. It will make the lives of Android users easier and safer too.


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