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Apple Says that Color Shifting in iPhone X’s OLED Screen is Normal

Apple's Response on the Color Shifting in iPhone X's OLED Screen
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Apple’s OLED screen is originally derived from Samsung. In Apple’s case though, the tech giant calls it the Super Retina display. There were some complaints about the OLED screen among the iPhone X users. Apple’s response on this is that the symptoms are perfectly normal.

It was only this week that the pre-ordered new iPhones got to their specific owners. Thus, lots of review videos and articles sprouted everywhere on the Web.

Apple once used the OLED screen on Apple Watch and MacBook Pro. There were no complaints back then. But why only now that the users are complaining about color and hue shifting that isn’t to be expected to be coming from such a pricey handset?

Apple’s Response on Color and Hue Shifting and Burn-in

Amidst all the comments about unnecessary burn-in, the tech giant posted a support page wherein it explained the background of their Super Retina display.

From that page, the color and hue shifting is expected from off angles and side angles. These are just perfectly fine and won’t affect what you see in the full frontal scheme. Furthermore, the OLED screen’s application on iPhone X is different from in Apple Watch.

Burn-in or image persistence also happens over time as the image that was displayed on the screen still available when you shift to the next image. To further illustrate this, the previous picture’s color schemes are in contrast with the next image. Burn-in is described to be normal as long there are “slight visual changes” on these OLED displays.

Apple further advised in preserving the OLED display’s maximum performance. The user should use auto brightness and shorter lock periods. Furthermore, the user should always update the smartphone to its latest software version.


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